What Is SEO Marketing

What Is SEO Marketing And How Does It Help Companies?

Anyone with a business can benefit from SEO marketing. What is it and how do you make it generate more interest in your company? Let's go over what it is and what works so you can see why it's so important to utilize this form of marketing.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines use algorithms that help them to sort the results in a way that pushes good content to the top. As time goes on, Google and other search engine websites change how they rank websites. This keeps people from being able to tamper too much with the results, as the algorithm is never disclosed.

Google's search index algorithm is complex and highly proprietary. It has over 200 data elements.
Because the way search sites sort results is not completely known, people have to optimize their sites and just see what works and what doesn't. Google will say precious few things about what their new search updates do, such as what can make mobile sites have an easier time with ranking. But, a lot of how you make SEO work for you will be based on what other people have tried and found to work.

Why Is SEO Marketing Helpful?

Millions of people use websites like Google every day to get information about anything they need to know. From learning information about companies to doing homework, you can find pretty much anything if you start with a search engine. The great thing about SEO is that you can use it to stand out from the many websites that are already out there.

With SEO, you can make sure your website shows up in results in a position that's on the first page or close to it. People tend to not go beyond the first page or two of search results when they are searching. So, it's important that you show up as far up as possible for various queries they type in that are related to your niche. An important element on the website related to keyword usage.

What Are Keywords?

A website has to have content that contains the right keywords if you want it to get a good ranking. A keyword can be seen as what someone types in to find a website. Here are a few examples of keyword phrases someone might use to find a chiropractor in San Jose CA:

  • chiropractor san jose
  • back doctor in san jose ca
  • chiropractors near me

As you can see, you just have to think about what someone is going to search for on a website like Google to find your website. What kind of words make sense and fit in with your niche? Research your keyword choices before using them, because you don't want them to be too obscure or far too popular so you stand a better chance at ranking well.

You can find software that helps you to find the right keywords to use. There are also websites like Google Trends where you can see how popular certain subjects are. Use a statistics program with your website to see how often you're getting traffic on certain pages so you know which keywords are working and what you need to change. It can take a few weeks to get into the rankings but after that, it may be worth experimenting with more keywords.

What Else Helps A Website's Ranking?

Long gone are the days where spammy marketing websites are able to rank well because they stuffed a lot of keywords on a page with content that made no sense. The software is advanced now that search websites use for ranking purposes and if your content is riddled with errors or otherwise looks like spam, it's probably going to do poorly.

Links hosted on websites that are already getting traffic from search engines can boost your ranking. That's because your website seems far more trustworthy if it's mentioned in places that are known to have and link to only good content. One way to make sure this happens is to just always put your best content out there because that's what makes people want to share it.

Social media is a great place to start generating a buzz about your company and its website. When you make a profile for your company, if someone looks it up there is a good chance that people will see the social media results first. The other site that can get your company high in the results is YouTube. If you have a video with a title that contains your keywords and business name, you may find it ranking on the first page just because YouTube is owned by Google and video results do well for them.

SEO is important to work with if you want to make sure you are reaching out to as many people as possible. Anyone with a business can use it to generate website traffic. How else will people know where to find you online if they don't see your website in the top results?

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